Commencing operations in May of 2018, at Biggenden, our college initially will host high school students in a non-accredited programs to support their secondary school studies, and perhaps, other vocational programs they are enrolled in. In 2019, we hope to open a second facility in Monto. Accredited training will be offered through Biggenden and the Monto location will host our high school students.

This is an exciting development for the North Burnett Region, for the rural sector and TCCA collectively. We have been working on this project for more than twelve (12) months and aim to bring high quality learning engagement by immersing our participants in in-time, real operational agricultural experiences.

For more information please email the College - click here. 


Our Biggenden campus is getting an overhaul. Which means it is ready for our trainers and your students. The property has the Main House (trainer’s home) and another house being fitted out for accommodation of students and visitors. We have big plans for the campus – but as the saying goes – Rome was not built in a day!


In saying this I would like to welcome Petrina Vaughan to our team as the lead trainer for our agricultural programs. Some of you will know Trina through her work with other training organisations and contracting work. I have been very fortunate to know Trina and her family for about 5 years, and what inspires me about them is their passion for the rural sector, and the enjoyment they get from sharing their knowledge skills and experience with people wanting to learn! 


We are now taking bookings in 5-day blocks, with the scope to negotiate the days and dates with Trina. As stated in my previous correspondences, the students may be exposed to the following activities – depending on the time of year and the units you need practical demonstration for.

  • Livestock – mustering, branding, tagging, preg testing, calving, breeding, selection of replacement stock, weiner sales and some presentation

  • Small Cropping – plowing, planting, harvesting, irrigating, spraying, soil health

  • Equine – all aspects of horse handling, care and safety

  • Operations – chemical handling, exposure to cost/budget information, policies and procedures, documentation, fencing, yard building, repairs and maintenance, dog handling

  • Employability Skills – Working regular hours for the sector, communication, following instructions, safe working habits, teamwork, self-organisation, etc

  • Incidental learning – mathematics, self-management, taking responsibility, animal care, employer expectations, meal preparation

This immersive learning experience is available at $350 per person (plus GST) per block. All the individuals need to supply is their own swag to sleep in (placed on beds in accommodation). This fee will cover accommodation, insurance, food and equipment hire. The facility will have a vending machine available with, chips, chocolates and drinks and polo shirts for sale for those interested.

It is our vision that we will have the Monto facility up and running by January 2019 for the high school student experience, and be the Biggenden facility will be offering accredited Certificate III in Agriculture. 


Please complete the survey at to register your interest in booking blocks. Feel free to call our office if you have any questions and ask to speak with Peta. Our first blocks will be available from May 2018.


We are so excited to bring this to our region and are looking forward to meeting the needs of your students, curriculum and teachers.


Kindest regards


Peta Hill – Director