Achieving work-life happiness for whole-life  harmony.


Empower our industry, community and our customers to believe they will succeed.

Core Values

Design the Outcomes -  Problem solvers, solution creators and you-focused.

DREAM BIG WITH INTENT - Action to build vision and make it happen.

Dot your I's and cross your T's - Quality, detail and compliance.

Be a people lover - it's all about customers, networks, community and colleagues.

Be a sassy professional - Inspired industry advocates making a difference.

Make your mark - Positive, out-of-the-box leaders (second to none).

Peta Hill
Owner and Director

I love what I do! I love working with people and businesses of all sizes to affect change. I am motivated by the success of others and work with my clients closely to achieve their aspirations. I am driven by customer satisfaction, high standards and three awesome children!

Dave Sullivan
Trainer and Mentor

I am an experienced trainer and assessor with a focus on enhancing the student experience. I believe the learning experience should be enjoyable. I help learners develop rapport with one another to create a collaborative community of learning. And, rather than just deliver knowledge content, I help learners draw on existing experiences to build new knowledge that they can use in the workplace.

Heather McMullen
Business Teacher

I have been a Business and Administration Teacher in the Vocational Education and Training sector for over 20 years. I enjoy working with people to develop their skills and knowledge and particularly when it assists them with their studies and employment prospects. I joined TCCA in 2017 and now enjoy a beautiful work life balance with my family.

Lisa Baldwin
Operations & Finance Manager

I have been working with Peta since 2012, primarily in the Employment and Accounts Department. As the business has grown I have been given the opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge through internal and external training, resulting in my promotion. I am the 'OCD' team member. We have a fantastic team that works hard.

Tamara Born
Industry Training Consultant

I have recently joined the team here at TCCA and have hit the ground running! In my role, I work as the conduit between employers, trainees, apprentices and their training organisation. TCCA has Service Level Agreements with other training companies to act as the local representative to manage their training needs and obligations. I am just a phone call away for all my clients!

Kerry Bedford
Director of First Impressions

Originally, I started in a relief role - whatever needed doing, I did it, from shredding to producing documents.  I was then offered a Business Administration Traineeship and from there to my current role as Director of First Impressions. I love coming to work. This is a fun, crazy office to work in {at times}, where I am constantly challenged, and pushed out of my comfort zone. I have done things I never thought I was capable of!