The Careers business unit works closely with individuals at all stages of the employment
life cycle from developing resumes to suit the individual’s employment needs, knowledge, skills and qualifications, to the achievement of their career goals.


We prepare customised, professional documents and also assist clients through writing of application letters, addressing selection criteria, submitting applications online and preparing individuals for interview.

Extensive post employment services are also available in terms of keeping information and documentation current, enhancing profiles as well as LinkedIn profile review and development.

TCCA can also assist businesses - we can provide end-to-end recruitment support including advertising, shortlisting, interviewing and correspondence to close out the process.

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What tcca can do for you...

Cover Letter


A cover letter is a one page document that you attach to your resume. It’s purpose is to introduce you to the person shortlisting, interviewing or hiring.  It’s a chance to show why you would be good for the role, and should aim to achieve a personal connection with the reader.

Our experienced staff can do this for you because we are great listeners, have written thousands and personalise each letter to suit the individual. Not all jobs require a cover letter, but we recommend you have one (as it also shows you are willing to put in the extra effort).

Letter of Introduction


A letter of introduction, while similar to a cover letter, is in fact different. It is a short and to the point means of introduction, and you need to catch the reader’s attention right away – by letting them know what you know about the role and why you are the right person for it. Importantly, this type of letter is written to apply for unadvertised roles, or to be retained for future opportunities. 70% of available positions are NOT advertised.

It’s all in the writing – let us help you make the best first impression!



A resume is a document that summarises your work, experience, skills and qualifications. Combined with a letter and/or selection criteria – this document is critical to getting you to interview.

For the past 8 years we have worked with our clients to develop the resume that best reflects their

  • existing knowledge, skills and experience

  • qualifications

  • individual career goals

  • transferable skills, knowledge and attitudes

  • capacity for development and learning

We consistently strive to be up to date with standards, requirements, legislation and procedures across a range of industry sectors. Additionally, we work with employers and human resource departments keeping abreast of the specifications of companies. Through this we are able to ensure your document details all the industry relevant key words!

Curriculum Vitae


You have worked hard and accomplished a lot throughout your career – qualifications and experience wise. Your roles have been complex, diverse and multi-faceted. You deserve to have your professional and academic background noticed.  Impact, style and clarity are important for your CV.

Our team, are dedicated to you and your career. They are experienced. They know how to get the attention of employers, through the use of keywords, presenting your skills with precision on a CV that is tailored to the employer/position. Let us help you move your career to the next level.



Selection Criteria


Criteria of any kind requires you to demonstrate in writing when, when and how you meet the benchmarks of the organisation and/or role. These are the standards that job applicants are required to respond to and give examples of, from your experience.

These may relate qualifications, knowledge, skills, abilities, personal qualities, experience and/or behaviours and values, requirements a person needs to meet to perform the role effectively.

This process is usually used to create a shortlist of applicants who are suitable to move to the next stage, usually an interview.

We have key personnel with experience across a range of industries, ready to work with you to develop tailored and quality responses.

On-line Applications and Registrations of Interest

Tired of applying for jobs or registering your interest online, only to have them time out on you because all the information asked for isn’t at your finger tips.

Online applications and Registrations of Interest (ROI’s) are completed in detail, proficiently by our Employment Support staff. We conduct a detail interview gathering the right information in advance, so we can complete the process for you.

Online Profile Creation

Setting up online profiles again is time consuming and frustrating for some. Our experienced staff can do this for you as they understand what information and documentation is required by the various platforms and recruitment agencies.

These platforms will notify you of available positions matching your criteria and experience, and will also allow employers to contact you directly once they have reviewed your profile. Getting it right the first time is critical.





Interview Training


It’s been years since you had a job interview

Your being interviewed by a panel

It’s your dream job and you want to make a good impression


We will help you to

  • prepare your documentation

  • develop the skills to adapt to different interview styles

  • anticipate questions and suitable answers

  • develop strategies for confident responding

  • identify questions to ask the interviewer/s


Through mock interviews we will fine tune your interview skills and provide constructive feedback on your performance.




Finding the right person for a position can be a laborious process to navigate. We provide end-to-end servicing options. Choose some or engage our professional staff for the entire process including -

  • Writing the advertisement and/or selection criteria

  • Advertising

  • Collating and responding to submissions

  • Shortlisting

  • Developing interview questions

  • Arranging interview schedules

  • Conducting interviews and providing objective feedback on performance

  • Language, literacy and numeracy screening

  • Venue to host interviews and screening

  • All relevant correspondence to applicants


Let us take the hard work out of it.

Additionally, we have an extensive database of work ready clients providing a prompt and thorough solution to your employment specifications

We help you find talent……and help talent find you!