Non-Accredited = what you want, when you want and how you want!

Non-accredited training refers to structured, taught learning, but differs from formal learning in that it does not lead to a qualification within the Australian Qualifications Framework. It includes non-accredited workplace training, that is designed to meet the performance indicators and outcomes of the organisation. This type of training is performance driven.

  • WE DESIGN PRODUCTS TO MEET YOUR NEEDS AND SPECIFICATIONS! This may be content, assessment, duration, location, policies and procedures, OR be designed to build generic skills across your workforce.

  • We offer a number of non-accredited programs, including educational or training activities, seminars, courses and short programs.

  • Non-accredited programs will not attract credit towards awards but may provide an increase in skills, knowledge and application in the work environment

  • The administration of non-accredited programs is minimalised, and we provide scanned copies of the training back to the organisation for their compliance purposes.

  • We will issue a statement of attendance to participants on completion of the non-accredited program detailing the content they participated in.

  • Non-accredited programs and participants are not recorded on the client/candidate data system.

CURRENT PROJECT - Designing customised Provide Work Skill Instruction and Assess Competence programs for a vast range of Local Gladstone organisations for their workplace trainers, assessors and mentors. 

OUTCOME - Designed to national standards, customised to workplace requirements, building skills, knowledge and attitudes for trainers and assessors based on quality and compliance.