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July 3, 2018

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July 3, 2018

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Having the right people around you

December 9, 2017

Within our company the motto has always been 'Family First'. So when my mum became ill I dropped everything and went out to run her business (15 hrs per day 7 days per week), whilst my sister ran mine and looked after mum's doctor and specialist's appointments. I spent 5 days out of TCCA and at no stage was I worried. It was such an important business lesson for me, but I also think it is for individuals being employed.


We currently have about 16 projects on the go, as well as the daily operational requirements of the business and meeting our customer's needs in a responsive manner. My team this week stepped up exponentially!! They emailed, phoned and text for priority work to be completed, or work to keep projects progressing. They used their own initiative and solved problems they could as they arose. They reported in regularly via email and phone on their progress. 


I learnt this week, in both businesses, that everyone "needs to be on board the train". Everyone needs to know 

1.   what we are doing

2.   why we are doing it

3.   the specifications or requirements

4.   the timeframes

5.   their level of autonomy

6.   that as the manager you are supportive and available


Then it is just like the image I have uploaded says - Get out of their way! Going back two years ago I felt I had to micromanage people to achieve the outcome I desired, but now I know I am surrounded by the right people, who are inspired by my vision and dreams, and can see we are going to be successful because we have integrity and only accept 110% when it comes to effort, quality, operations and compliance.


Thanks Dave, Lisa, Tamara, Kerry and Heather. You have made me so proud this week. And although I am a mile behind on my end - I will work all weekend to catch up with you guys and keep us moving down our path to great success!





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