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July 3, 2018

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July 3, 2018

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And it is all finally paying off - 45319!

December 14, 2017

I think I have said it before, but surrounding yourself with the right people is the best business plan a gal can have. They have to be right in so many ways.


They have to be able to take initiative, but also know where their boundaries are for decision making. They have to be able to have some fun, and know when it is time for work. They have to be able to follow instructions in detail, but also be creative and think outside the box if they decide it is necessary. They have to be able to find work when they are finished and their fearless leader is too engrossed in a task to find more instructions. They have to feel ownership and take pride in every single achievement you make in the business. They have to be able to identify solutions rather than just telling me about the problem.


Importantly from the leadership side - you have to be able to release control, let others champion ideas and projects, provide constructive feedback for encouragement and growth, give praise and show appreciation so it is not overlooked or forgotten, and continually keep your finger on the pulse of who is doing what, and what are your priorities.


So what is paying off? That I have got a fantastic hardworking team, who see my vision, and are onboard - ready for the ride. However, they also feel comfortable enough to challenge my hairbrained ideas - which I need too, as I am a rose-coloured glasses dreamer who was born with a 'she'll be right mate outlook' on taking risks.


This week we achieved a goal that was approximately 6 months of hard work, long days, weekends, confusion, laughs, disagreements, confusion (I think I mentioned that), learning and building our cohesion as a team (of awesomeness). 


We are now listed as an approved RTO! Thanks to my colleagues, family and friends - because everyone has put in, and everyone has believed in me and my vision.